Error from hitting post http request

I am trying to make a post request but I am getting the following error in the response body:
{"err_type":"Bad Request","err_message":"invalid character 'v' in literal true (expecting 'r')"}

here is the code i have:

requestURL = "http://localhost:4140/caniplay_v1/v1/caniplay"
params = {
	'skuId' => ["us.fcs-c-short.cur"],
	'tvRating' => "TV-MA",
	'mvRating' => "R"
request, http = $util::postRequest(requestURL)
request.content_type = "application/json"
request['X-Access-Token'] = $token
@resp = http.request(request)
puts @resp.body
@json = JSON.parse(@resp.body)

def postRequest(endpoint)
	uri = URI.parse(endpoint)
	http =, uri.port)
	http.read_timeout = 60
	http.use_ssl = (uri.scheme == "https")
	request =
	return request, http