Awesome :slight_smile: where/what do you work on btw @Ohm?

Well the = operator finally makes sense as I’ve just got to the bit that explains it. Very interesting and mind boggling, haha. So basically it is a match operator that’s also able to do assignment.

How are you getting on @RedFred7?


I work at a small company in Denmark called Lokalebasen.dk. We act as a middleman between companies with properties for rent and other companies who want to rent said properties. So basically we do adverts. :wink:

I see the = operator as more like a challenge. a = 1 is a challenge to the compiler: "I challenge you to make a equal to 1". How it does it, I don’t care.

iex(1)> 1 = a
** (RuntimeError) undefined function: a/0

iex(1)> a = 1
iex(2)> 1 = a
iex(3)> a = 2
iex(4)> 1 = a
** (MatchError) no match of right hand side value: 2

It can match both ways, when the variable has a value.


Awesome - is that a Ruby / Rails site? It’s really nice!

Yeah that’s a good way of looking at it :+1: I definitely feel better about Elixir now after reading about it - think it is something that needs to be mentioned right at the start.


Thanks. Yup, it’s Rails. Some of the (internal) APIs we work with is Elixir.


Nice, have you looked at Phoenix btw? What do you think of it?


We use Phoenix for the API, but that being said I have only shipped JSON replies through it, so can’t comment on the overall Phoenix experience. I would love to give it a spin some time :heart:.


Hey @Ohm @RedFred7 I am conscious of an Elixir thread being so dominant on MetaRuby (as MetaRuby itself is pretty new) so am thinking about putting up an Elixir forum for us like this one :slight_smile:

I think it will allow for more topics to be covered and over several threads instead of being lumped into just one. It may also help us make new Elixir friends. I guess I don’t really want to put people off MetaRuby by them thinking this place is talking more about Elixir, haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (but at the same time don’t want us to stop talking about it).

I’m quite happy for the forum to be used by people like us (just getting into Elixir) or the entire Elixir community (if they want to). I think it could be fun, extremely interesting and also very useful for those interested in Elixir (especially those starting out).

I know they have Google mailing list/group and chat room, but they have lots of important people on that mailing list (Jose, Joe Armstrong etc) and I think many of our threads will be light-hearted and not of interest to them. The chat room is great, but it’s temporary - we can’t really help others by our discussions as they are not persisted (so can’t have threads of interest, stickies, etc). Overall I think a forum would be great - for us and the Elixir community in general :+1:

What do you think?


Hey guys, Unfortunately I got distracted by some family illness this weekend and didn’t manage to do anything with Elixir (or with anything else for that matter). But I’m back on track now and my desire for Elixir remains un-quenched :smile:


I think it makes sense AJ. MetaRuby should be primarily about Ruby-related subjects with a sprinkling of other stuff (but not too much).

Agreed. As with all forums, newbies can be somewhat intimidated when many experienced people are present and may be inhibited by that. A forum for Elixir newbies coming from other languages sounds like a great idea.

If you decide to create a new Elixir forum, I’ll definitely join. If you need any help doing it don’t hesitate to give us a shout :thumbsup:


Hope your family member gets well soon @RedFred7

Thanks! I just posted a tweet and Ben (who’s writing the The Little Elixir and OTP Guidebook) retweeted so I have added a little more info:

Please add you support there too if you can - if enough people are interested I am thinking about doing some sort of course or free casts :slight_smile: (as I feel that will help me learn better too).


Just found this http://www.sitepoint.com/phoenix-for-railsies/ which helps you get started with the Phoenix framework.


Nice, also this: http://blog.elpassion.com/playing-with-phoenix-framework-rails-younger-brother/




as impressive as these stats are, who’s ever going to be dealing with 190000 reqs / sec ??

Unless your name is Google or Twitter, you’ll be happy to have four-digit throughput figures (or in my case double-digit :grimacing: )


MEeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not knocking Phoenix, just saying, like :smile:


Yeah I’m sure real world stats will be a little different, but the fact that it’s above Gin, Go and Express is really encouraging :slight_smile:


we’re talking about Phoenix in this week’s Ruby5 podcast.


Look forward to listening later - nice to see you on it too :023:

edit: very good Fred - tho you so need a new mic! haha


I know, I know… :icon_sad: