Copy and paste in Vim

Ok buddies anyone knows how to fix copy and paste in vim ?
Every time I copy something from net → go to vimdd / c$ or C / x / ci" or ci( or di" …the list goes on… And bam … now that thing is on clipboard and I’m lost :imp: . I need to again visit the webpage and copy the content again !! Do anyone have a good solution for this problem!!!

On my macvim it’s making it extremely slow. So I need to turn the relativenumber off!
Anyone knows any workaround ?

Hrm… I use relativenumber in MacVim all the time and I haven’t had a problem. Maybe one of your other plugins is causing the problem.

It was relativenumber for sure because I disabled it and now it’s lightning fast :blush:
It may be possible that relativenumber with some other plugin may be causing a problem but I’m sure that it’s somehow connected to relativenumber.
Here is the stackoverflow answer on the topic

How about local leader and mapping it to various frequent actions. I use space as my leader key.
Moreover I’m a fan of shougo’s plugins for vim. They are extremely well-documented and well-supported.