[Conference] Crystal and Kemal explaiend by Serdar Dogruyol

To those who want any clue about why Crystal and what Kemal is, there is a presentation from Serdar Dogruyol at Polyconf which looks interesting and fun to watch: Crystal and Kemal at Polyconf by Serdar Dogruyol


Thanks for sharing this @fabiomux!

Meanwhile you can ask me any question related to Kemal :thumbsup:


@sdogruyol thanks to you for this brillant introduction, something i would like understand more is about these topics:

  1. Deployment (how i replace Unicorn + Nginx);
  2. ORM
  3. E-mail sending
  4. CORS Authentication
  5. Multi-DB support
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@fabiomux nice questions, here are the answers

  1. Deployment is just dropping your binary to server. You can use Nginx to reverse proxy just your Kemal app ( Nginx → Kemal)

  2. Currently there’s active_record.cr but it’s not a replacement for ActiveRecord from Rails.

  3. There’s no built-in SMTP in Crystal yet, instead you can use Mandrill, SendGrid via API

  4. You can configure your headers for CORS.

  5. I haven’t tried using a Multi-DB setup but in theory it should be possible.


Awesome, thank you!

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