Comment and advice about ruby / rails training

hi there

quite new to this forum :stuck_out_tongue:
I am ruby and rails developer since 7 years , but only during my spare time
and also developer during my dayjob, but not in ruby.

I always wanted to be my own boss, that is why I work hard during free time since 7 years (yeah ruby made all things possible)

I made ruby/rails online courses since almost 1 year. I finish some courses about marketing funnel, chatbot and blockchain and I would like opinions from ruby and rails developer about this courses. This trainings are made to be very technical, so not for newbie skills.

I don’t really know yet which are my potential customers so I need some feedbacks.

I don’t want to make spam so just opinions about subjects are welcome (I can also give url for more informations).

Thanks for your support !


I suggest you make a course for your native spoken language. Model your course after other courses that exist already for a good design. Generally in a competitive market it’s best to model yourself after successful businesses and the way they do it, then you may add in what makes you different in to improve upon your product or service.

Hi Daniel,

thank for your post :slight_smile:

I already make my courses into french (because I am french native) but audience seems to small and I already develop my website for few langages (french, english and spanish) using i18n.

It is complicated to model my ideas on existing courses because I want to be different and not to be only on technical skills but also on functionnal level (marketing, blockchain, …)

I know that my sale pages are not optimal yet but I already have newsletter subscribers interested into my training ways

In fact, I just want the developers not to remain mere performers but to take power by creating their ways in business

I can provide website url if someone want to take a look on it

There are far fewer people who use Ruby as compared to other languages such as Python.

If you plan on creating paid courses in the English language I suggest you hire an editor who natively speaks English to polish it up. I have an editor for my blog posts whom I may recommend to you if you’re interested.

There are already many classes and courses in the Ruby community such as GoRails and Ruby Tapas. I suggest you get started with what you know and focus on one small subject at a time.

Simplify what you’re going to produce as much as possible before you make it. If you make it too complex before you’re even in business then it will make it very difficult to get started.

thanks for your advices :slight_smile:
I will think about them