Coming Soon: ActiveRuby — The World's Best Ruby Distrobution


Companies are embracing open source for business- and mission-critical systems. However, it’s important to understand and mitigate the risks associated with open source.

At ActiveState, we know the challenges companies face and for 20 years we’ve been providing precompiled, supported, quality-assured, secure language distributions used by millions of developers around the world.

Companies like NASA, Hulu, AirBnB, Siemens, Strava, and Twitter have already embraced Ruby within their development teams, and a wide range of developers already use Ruby for web applications and corporate internet-facing applications.

With the introduction of ActiveRuby™, ActiveState will offer the same great service and support to Ruby developers that we’ve been providing to the Perl, Python, and Tcl communities for decades.

With ActiveRuby you’ll benefit from:

  • Quality assured builds of precompiled Ruby distributions
  • Commercially supported software with SLAs
  • Support and active maintenance of older 2.x versions
  • Software you can standardize on
  • Faster time to market

Why take risks with open source Ruby and community support? Your business needs a Ruby distribution that has passed through a professional QA process and has regular security releases with quality commercial support. Join the millions of developers and Fortune 1000 companies who use ActiveState’s language distributions–choose ActiveRuby for the development, management, and distribution solutions for Ruby.

ActiveState will offer these solutions for Ruby development:

  • ActiveRuby Community Edition
  • ActiveRuby Business Edition
  • ActiveRuby Enterprise Edition
  • ActiveRuby OEM
  • Komodo IDE with full Ruby support

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ActiveRuby aims to be the industry-standard, commercial-grade Ruby distribution used by developers around the world for easy Ruby installation and quality-assured code. Whether you’re using Ruby for mission-critical applications or open source projects, ActiveRuby offers worry-free implementation and significant time savings over open source Ruby for installing and managing common Ruby libraries. ActiveRuby comes precompiled for out-of-the-box installation and includes core Ruby, popular libraries, and complete documentation.


With ActiveState’s commercial-grade ActiveRuby, you won’t need to depend on overworked internal resources or public Ruby communities to solve issues.

And, if you are looking for access to legacy Ruby, need to install on big iron (eg. AIX, Solaris, or HP-UX), or want to install on production servers, you’ll want to look at our ActiveRuby Enterprise and Business Edition solutions.

ActiveRuby Enterprise Edition is designed for businesses with large Ruby deployments in essential, mission-critical applications that, when down, could cost your business in lost revenue and a damaged reputation. Deploy Ruby with confidence knowing you’re using the most secure, enterprise-grade builds for the platforms that power your business. You’ll get priority access to our Ruby experts for technical support and best practices guidance. Plus, enjoy guaranteed Intellectual Property (IP) indemnification to reduce risk in today’s business environment.

ActiveRuby Business Edition will provide an affordable solution for small- and mid-sized teams that need fail-safe Ruby for business applications, but don’t require advanced features like indemnification or site-wide licensing. Business Edition customers trust ActiveState’s guaranteed technical support and regular fixes and updates to ensure they’re using the most secure, high-performance Ruby.


ActiveRuby OEM Edition will allow you to include ActiveRuby in your distributed application to provide customers with a seamless experience. ActiveRuby OEM Edition takes the complexity out of open source licensing by guaranteeing assurance and eliminating legal risk that goes along with distributing Ruby in commercial applications. If you’re interested in redistributing ActiveRuby within your code or applications, contact us for licensing options.


ActiveRuby Community Edition will be a free, ready-to-install Ruby distribution for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, designed for community developers or open source projects that are not business- or mission-critical. It can not be used on production machines (Business or Enterprise Editions are needed for anything other than dev/test), nor does it include access to builds for HP-UX, Solaris, or AIX (only available in Enterprise). Support for ActiveRuby Community Edition will be offered through the community and forums only.

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If they can sort out Ruby on Windows, that would probably open up a bunch of opportunities for them. Good luck w/ that.

Also, their website has a custom, weighted scroll speed that makes it very hard to stop and read a particular paragraph.