Build Google's FlatBuffers library with me for Ruby

Hey all! I’ve been translating the Google FlatBuffers library from their Python code into Ruby. It’s been a fun exercise and I’ve been learning a lot, but there are still things that I have yet to learn. I would love to get more eyes on this project and hopefully get an approved merge into the Official Google repo once we have working code.

Wouldn’t you love to have been a part of building an official Google library? You can be a legend! :wink: It’s licensed under Apache 2 so we can have our names in the new files via “attribution” (Apache License 4.d). It looks like the library may be distributed separately from the main repo according to the permissions of the license… but who knows, Google may merge it in. :smile:

I’m working on the library at GitHub - 6ftDan/flatbuffers at ruby under the “ruby” branch so you’ll need to pull it separately.

git clone
cd flatbuffers
git pull origin ruby
git checkout ruby

The files I’ve created reside in the ruby directory. And following the way they implemented their Python library the only two files for testing the Ruby library are tests/rb_tests.rb and tests/ . I’ve copied over all of the Python tests for number conversion and I’ve translated about 80+% (purely guessing) of the Python code over.

The good news is I have working code! :smile: The bad news is I’m not close to done.

I would love to collab on this with people. And if anyone wants to pair program with me on this I’m totally up for it! :wink: :wink: @Ohm ahem

Oh and to make the tests pass you have to compile the C code.

cmake CMakeLists.txt

And then run the tests


Most tests are skip’ed for now. Feel free to uncomment some to work on the code base.

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Currently have added about 1400 lines of code for Ruby: diff One thing I don’t understand is why Google hasn’t prioritized Ruby as a language for their projects. They “plan” it and then implement everything else (so it seems). I’m hoping to be a possitive change in Google’s priorities by contributing here.

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Sounds like a great idea Dan - I love his bit “You can be legend!”, haha :003:

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