Awesome Crystal libraries collection

Once upon i was wondering what Crystal is able to do and how, so googling around i found this interesting collection: Awesome Crystal.

Hope can be a good link to get inspiration :slight_smile:

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Thanks @fabiomux - I’m surprised there are so many so soon :023:

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Hey! Someone added my kemal_elm_chat program to that! Awesome.

I should add my ClamAV bindings, too.

Also, maybe we could add this forum to the Community section.


@AstonJ you’re welcome, me too i was surprised when i got this list, Crystal looks like an interesting project, a thing i would like to see is GUI programming maybe through wxWidgets bindings…

@kofno yes would be good add these references in the list…

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There’s a binding for libui and pretty usable. @fabiomux Have you checked it out?


@sdogruyol thank you very much i was completely unaware of this library, looks like there is also a ruby binding and the main project is multiplatform too, this is a double big plus for me!