Aurelia - new Javascript framework (with ES6 support)

Aurelia is a next gen JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web that leverages simple conventions to empower your creativity.

The way you bind to variables declared within your application class is absolutely beautiful and simple. No weird symbols or abstract naming, just similar syntax to what you can already find within Javascript itself.

<input type="text" value.bind="firstName">
<a href.bind="url">Aurelia</a>

Beautiful. But it gets better. You can explicitly specify the type of binding you are using, which effectively self-documents your HTML for other developers to easily be able to see if a value is being one-way or two-way binded.

<markdown-editor value.two-way="markdown"></markdown-editor>

From: Aurelia vs AngularJS – Round One: FIGHT!

Seems like it builds upon DurandalJS (read: is the next generation of) which is build on jQuery, Knockout, and RequireJS.


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yes it’s a follow up of durandal. The lead dev of durandal try to help in Angular 2.0 and resign to start aurelia.js

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