Anyone have any experience with Crystal?




So, Rust, Go, Javascript, all very fast, but with very questionable syntaxes and not so enjoyable. They are way more mature, and their ecosystems are much larger. But unless I really need to, I’d rather choose Crystal for the use cases I described above, and I think you will find some good use for it too.



Good read, if anyone want to start contributing to the language.


Hey there,

I’m Serdar Dogruyol, creator of Kemal and Crystal evangelist. We’ve been using Crystal in production at Protel (where i work) for more than 6 months and it’s been great!

We’ve replaced some of our heavy load Rails APIs with Kemal. One Rails API had like 64 Unicorn workers but still can’t keep it up yet a single Kemal process handles the same load without breaking a sweat and less than 100X resource :thumbsup:

TLDR: Crystal is awesome!


That’s really nice :023:

Just out of curiosity what is the difference in server specs of the old Rails app and the new Crystal one?


It’s an EC2 m4.xlarge instance.

4 vcpu cores
16 GB of ram

the old Rails app consumed around 12GB of ram with 64 unicorn workers and the cpu usage was around %40 - %50.

Kemal app consumes around 150-200MB of ram with 4 workers and the cpu usage is around %1 - %2.

P.S: Crystal uses channels (just like Go) for concurrency even a single Kemal process can handle lots of RPS.

A major win. Crystal FTW :rocket: :thumbsup: