Anyone have any experience with Crystal?



Thanks for the link @bcardiff :023:

Are you a Crystal dev btw? I’m sure I’ve seen you about on Twitter :003:


Yeap @AstonJ. There are some commits, experiments and shards here and there. Lucky me, I work at Manas with Juan, Ary, and the rest of the team :slight_smile:


Nice one - when I first saw you I thought COOL - someone into Crystal from Cardiff (I live near Cardiff, haha).

Keep up the good work, Crystal, in many ways, seems like the spiritual successor to Ruby :slight_smile:


This looks good:



I’ve built a test app in Crystal but hit a lot of “Wish there was a gem for this” (that I know exists for Ruby). I ended up hitting a wall of what I could do with it and had to jump back to jump back to ruby. I think the app was a HTML parser.
It’s a nice language though, just really young.
My 2 cents.


Crystal 0.14.1 was just released.

The major change is a build-in playgound, which looks kinda like Jupyter for Python. Awesome!




Recently came across this video, seems interesting.

Hope we can see more from Crystal soon, am really getting interested in it.


Crystal is starting to look very good!


I’m so glad Youtube has faster playback options.

I think my two favorite insights from the video are the inline assembly and the benchmarking with units smaller than milliseconds.


Has anyone tried calling Crystal from Ruby using FFI or Fiddle? That would be killer!


Here’s Frost - Crytal’s Rails clone… like Rails but on steroids :lol:

Here is some sample code:


Looks like there’s a lot of work to do there still. Kemal looks nice too. I’d like to see a crystal version of Padrino, built on top of Kemal, too. I mean, while we’re re-building ruby stuff in crystal :wink:

Seriously though… calling crystal from ruby through FFI would be killer. I already have a huge Ruby/Rails investment, and that would an awesome way to begin introducing crystal to the stack.


While I agree that having Ruby style code compile and integrate with regular Ruby would be “killer”, the one drawback I see with using Crystal with Ruby is that you’d have two garbage collectors running. I asked this same question on their Google Group back in March and I was pointed to StackOverflow: Can a Crystal library be statically linked to from C? And the answer is yes.


When you guys say “calling crystal from ruby through FFI” would it be like building ruby extensions using crystal? I was following crystal a while ago and stumbled on this back then:


I guess I didn’t think about the extra GC. Rust still is a better option in that case, I suppose.


Yes. That’s exactly what I was asking about.



Here is a listing of libraries already written in crystal: