Anyone created any desktop apps with Ruby?

I have :laughing:

I created a lottery number generator with MacRuby and even had it on the Mac App store - just for a laugh! It was the best selling letter generating app and used to bring in a bout £25 a month (sold at the cheapest rate). However I didn’t keep it updated and have removed it now.

It was surprisingly easy - I bet it’s much easier with RubyMotion now :+1:

It is much easier with RubyMotion. I’ve ported over a number of my old MacRuby apps and after the initial learning curve it is quite fast.

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Nice one! What kind of apps are they? Can you post any links to them? (No probs if you don’t want to.)

They are mostly internal apps which we use in our client work. We’ve never put anything up for sale. They are ‘one offs’ run at trade shows and in museums. We also work with the fantastic developers at InfiniteRed (a full rubymotion-house). They made a nice blog post about the globe app they wrote for us:

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That looks really cool! :+1:

Here’s the video from the post (wonder if it will auto-embed…)

I’m actually working right now on a project which is using rubymotion for the server and I’m attempting to use Opal on the server side. I’m having trouble learning opal because the documentation is thin…

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Yeah, Opal is in dire need of some docs right now. But that’s part of the reason we have put up this forum, so we can better discuss and organise issues like that. Please start a thread in the Client Side Ruby section (even if just asking about what documentation is currently out there) :+1: and we can take it from there :slight_smile:

I’ve started playing around with Opal + electron (formerly atom shell) and getting a simple hello world to run wasn’t that hard. I had some smaller problems but those will probably go away with Opal 0.8.

For a full application, Opal-React + electron might be worth looking at.

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