Alternative Vim implementations

I’ve been playing with NeoVim again. I can recommend.

For MacVim users, there is now an OS X integration: GitHub - rogual/neovim-dot-app: Mac OS X GUI for Neovim.

There is also an interesting Electron embedded NeoVim: GitHub - rhysd/NyaoVim: Web-enhanced Extensible Neovim Frontend


That’s REALLY interesting. Especially the electron frontend. I’m constantly frustrated by various IDE/editor’s implementations of vim-mode. It’d be awesome to have something that just works correctly because it’s actually just vim.

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How does it differ from/compare to MacVim Ryan?

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neovim-dot-app seems pretty solid. One thing I couldn’t find that I missed was a simple CLI launcher. I tend to launch MacVim by just typing mvim in the project directory. Also, some of my plugins didn’t seem to work as I expected. Purescript-ide stuff wasn’t checking syntax properly. This could be related to the CLI launching issue. It’s not a neovim problem because neovim in the console is fine.

NyaoVim also started up without a problem, and seemed to work fine, but there were more problems. Scroll wheeling the mouse got confused whenever there was a split pane. That made it nearly impossible to work with. I’ll keep an eye on it though, because extending Vim with web stuff seems interesting to me.

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