A Newletter App/Engine in Rails

I’m looking for something mostly there solution for building a newsletter application.

The requirements

  • Content editing for non-technical authors
  • Content can be presented in HTML.
  • Nearly identical HTML content sent as an Email to subscribers.
  • EMailed content goes out on a periodic basis.
  • Ideally, email would be sent and tracked through Amazon SES or Mailgun.
  • Content can be protected by a paywall.
  • Content can be selectively offered as free samples.

Full blown apps or engines would be ideal, but considering all options.

The ruby tool box search returns mostly abandonware… https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/search?utf8=✓&q=newsletter

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions?

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I’ve actually been thinking about doing a newsletter so will be interested in your findings. Personally I had settled on just building my own as Rails should make it fairly easy - though yours is a lot more involved than mine.

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I’ll keep you posted.

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