9 questions Rails app maintainers must ask

I’m researching the topic of Rails app maintenance for my next free email course and I’d like to ask a few questions. I have lots of them so I believe it’s better to ask people individually so that I can organize the responses correctly.

Who maintains a Rails app for clients or their own product and wouldn’t mind answering one question (and a possible follow-up)?

The questions a related to tools, processes and (pricing for those who do it for clients).

Any takers?


Why not post the questions here and let people choose which ones they want to answer? :003:

Now, now Aston. People may start to think this is a discussion forum :105:

Question 1: is about bug reports.

  • How do your users file bug reports?
  • What steps do you take to respond to them quickly?

Answer 1:

  1. JIRA is used for filing bug reports.
  2. Start with the easiest issues first and try to produce them on dev machine and then try to reproduce them with tests. Then regular debugging.
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I’ve managed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about maintaining Rails apps in production and created an email course for it. The first lesson goes out to those who’ve already subscribed tomorrow. If you’re interested, you should check it out here: 9 questions Rails app maintainers must ask.

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