Which linux distro do you use in production?

I use CentOS but am thinking of going to Ubuntu as CentOS usually has older kernels and versions of software, like Git.

Just wondering what you guys use and what you recommend.

We use Ubuntu on all our servers (12.04 on the old ones, 14.04 on the newer ones)

Most of the custom Docker images we’ve made comes from a Ubuntu base image. It’s just nice to have everything the same way.

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We use Docker too.
And we use baseimage-docker as base of our custom images.
However one thing I don’t like about 14.04 is a long-existing bug about a way to restart networking

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Thanks both - how do you find Ubuntu server, is it stable and reliable?

Do you know of any guides that help you transition from centos to ubuntu (commands)?

I don’t think we’ve had any problems that was Ubuntu’s fault.

What do you mean commands? It’s linux all of it :smirk: isn’t it mostly the same?

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Things like:

yum install git
service docker restart


Seems like this is what you’re looking for: SwitchingToUbuntu/FromLinux/RedHatEnterpriseLinuxAndFedora - Community Help Wiki :smiley:


Just what I was looking for, thanks :+1: