What's hot in Ruby right now?

What tech in Ruby do you think is cutting edge or hot right now?

Well by most stars on Github outranking Ruby it’s Rails followed by Jekyll. I’m not familiar with Jekyll. I think as far as cutting edge it would have to be transpilers and deployment suites.

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I put up my first Jekyll site recently and have to say I quite like it :+1:

Deploying/pushing changes is really easy too as you just upload the plain ol html from a directory that it creates for you. Actually I’ll start a thread about how I do it later :slight_smile:

Agree about transpilers! :grinning:

Which deployment suites do you like?

I don’t currently have any experience with them. Haven’t had a need or a team to work with yet. I’m thinking Vagrant and/or Docker/Chef might be the first place I start.

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I am using Docker + Ansible


It’s Opal.rb. And I just don’t get why it isn’t as popular as it deserves. I actually started to like writing front-end because of it. Now front-end can be done pure Ruby way.

First time I saw it somewhere I was skeptic and thought it was premature and it won’t work, or it will not be compatible with existing js stuff and etc. But after actual coding with it, it is absolute must have.

React.rb is so cool, and I’m eager about what @catmando will make with it.

Anyone who didn’t try it please do so ASAP.I think and hope that technology will be more popular and some day we’ll see frontend framework that will rock that is built with it (not ported from JS).

2’nd is Crystal-lang, which can make effect for Ruby same as Rails did. And it feels like it’s not like hobby project that will never be done. Development pace for it is crazy, dudes behind it commit almost every minute so I had to turn off notifications from it on git.

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I guess Opal is one of many “better JavaScript” thing.
And there are so many others that diverse the traffic.

+1 for Opal.rb. Volt, the isomorphic web framework based on Opal, is awesome, and I think it will seriously challenge Rails as the top choice for developing interactive web apps in the coming years.

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