Welcome to MetaRuby!

Welcome to MetaRuby, the brand new Ruby forum :smile:

I actually signed up metaruby.com several years ago, but decided to hold off putting up a forum here because there just wasn’t a viable forum made in Ruby - it just didn’t feel right using a PHP forum. When Discourse came on the scene I thought great! However things in my personal life got in the way rolls eyes*.

When it became clear we needed a forum for the strategies teams at Opal & Volt, Discourse at MetaRuby just made perfect sense! (If you’re wondering about MetaRuby screencasts, see this thread).

Well that’s the backstory. If you’re looking for a Ruby forum, please give us a try. We aim to be a friendly forum - stick around and help us keep it that way :+1:

If you need any help, or have any questions or feedback about the forum, please use the Help & Feedback section, otherwise feel free to start posting threads or jumping in to any of the ones already posted.

I’d like this site to get more traffic. The site should have a twitter handle that tweets all new topic posts with hash tags for category and keywords. I’d really like to see the community here grow. If there’s no plugin written for this I can assist with one. I have written some ruby/cron scripts for Twitter.

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Thanks Dan that’d be great. The site has an RSS feed so maybe that could be used to post new threads?

I signed up @metaruby so we have the Twitter handle already :smile:

I think we might be able to use this with the RSS feed:


I’ve tried various Twitter automation tools in the past, this one included. I don’t remember why but I didn’t like any of them. It might be better to modify/write our own discourse plugin. You can have an official github branch for it and use system environment variables for sensitive data.

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have you got a MetaRuby logo? I’d be happy to put it on my blog with link to here.

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Sounds cool - we could release it back to the community too if you like :+1:

Here ya go :smile:

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I was going to tweet Matz about us when we got around to doing a custom skin (not sure when they will be tbh and the default skin isn’t too bad either).

I think we might get some more members when I announce the screencasting outfit, which I think I will do via a thread on here :slight_smile:

There you go!

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Awesome - thanks Fred!

Hey @danielpclark this should be sorted now :+1:

I already had a Twittered account so have now set it up for MetaRuby - here is the twitter account where all new threads should show up (title and link):


Once we’ve got some threads on it, we can start letting people know about it :slight_smile: