Should we use docker in production for monolithic rails app?


I have to migrate a legacy spree app and also the platform(heroku to AWS) as well. I don’t have exposure to docker base architecture but somebody was suggesting to use AWS Farget to lower the bill which our client’s one of the goal as well.

I need guidance if the docker is right choice for monolithic rails app which would run on minimum 2 servers to avoid SPOF with a load balancer. The traffic is moderate and we don’t see any spike anytime sooner and so don’t need to spin up servers based on traffic situation.


I personally believe that it is way easier to maintain a production application in a Docker environment then, say, a server with Capistrano.

In the Capistrano scenario you’d have to make sure that the Ruby version and the gems were correct, where in Docker you can just bake everything into your own maintained gem. Have your CI build it and then deploy it either automatically or manually from CI.