Senior ROR Developer needed in beautiful Cracow, Poland

Nopio is a relatively small but very capable web development studio, that caters to the customers mostly from the US and UK markets. Our tech of choice is Ruby and Ruby on Rails and all our new “build to spec” projects are created using it.

Whatever we’re working on, we put a lot of effort into making the project a great experience not only for the customers, but also for developers. Working with us you’ll never be expected to blindly follow the set of instructions – we want you for your brain and overall experience and not just for pair of hands writing code.


9000 - 14000 PLN (around 2140 - 3331 euro)

You’re the one if:

  • Ruby and Ruby on Rails have nothing that surprises you anymore
  • You can plan even most complex and critical systems
  • You know databases (RDB, NoSQL) and can optimize the hell of them
  • Code quality is your thing and you always push for it
  • RSpec and friends are your type of crowd.
  • You got your hands dirty with CI and Automation, and liked it, a lot
  • Your English is good enough to talk freely and eloquently with peers and customers.

What will be on your plate:

  • We have a rapidly growing eCommerce startup that we created a fully customized system that manages the inventory needs, ordering and items allocation per customer preferences. Basically, we monitor and predict future inventory needs and analyzing the growth indicators. This system handles thousands of subscriptions and we’re at the point where we need experienced manpower to get it to the next stage.
  • Shortly we’re starting a FinTech project that works with insurance automation. You think you can handle an API build with >20ms response time, super streamlined front-end and millions of dollars processed every day?
  • We’re starting to streamline our CI & Automation processes. Take part in it and see how it grows with us.
  • We want to learn from you and let you learn from us.


  • Yearly bonus for all employees.
  • Ever wanted to go to this conference that you found? You can, with us you have a budget that you decide how to utilize. Conferences, trainings - you name it.
  • Remember this guy you’ve been put into team with and who must have been the most annoying person on the planet? We let you talk with the candidates and your opinion is an important part of the final decision.
  • We offer weekly lunch, usually on Wednesdays and there are always snacks and drinks in the office for you.
  • Private healthcare. Nothing to talk about, it just works, and works well.
  • You need hardware, books and/or tools? We know, we understand, we deliver.

Sounds interesting? Email us at

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