Senior Engineer, mental healthcare startup, $6mil seed round


tl;dr: mental healthcare startup looking for a senior engineer to come in and own backend web dev. Based in NYC + reports directly to CTO + would be the 2nd engineer on the team. DM me if interested!

Link to full job description

Spring Health is a NYC based company founded in 2016 with a mission of using leading technology to help people feel better — faster. We just raised $6mil in a seed round, bringing our total funding up to $8mil. This latest round was led by Rethink Impact, with additional investments from Work-Bench, BBG Ventures, and NYC Partnership. We make mental healthcare more accessible in the workplace by eliminating barriers to care. We use the most advanced treatment selection tool developed to date, which allows us to reduce trial-and-error in mental healthcare.

We are looking for a Senior Engineer (RoR) based in NYC to join our team. This person will be responsible for architecting and maintaining our backend, help define our product roadmap, work with the front end team to find elegant solutions to healthcare’s many problems, and guide the growth of the engineering team as a senior member.

DM me if interested!