Seeking a "Jack (or Jill) of All Trades" Ruby Developer (Contract)

Hello everyone!

We are looking for a skilled Ruby developer to join our small start-up team, initially on a contract basis, with the potential to become a full time member.

About Us:

The company is called Beautimeter Ltd and it is launching a new community called TRULY that connects women of similar beauty profiles, together and also introduces them to Hairdressers and Makeup artists and other beauty professionals so they can get expert advice, online.

Progress to Date

We had the good fortune to get Innovation grant funding from the UK government so we have been building the platform for 10 months now. So for any interested candidates, we can show you a prototype of the service which is what we consider Version 1, with Version 2 now what we are about to focus on building.

Your Role

Like most start-ups, we do not have a narrow job description and our ideal candidate will be comfortable with both Front End and Back End ruby development.

Location and Remuneration

We are happy to operate as a virtual team, but the head office in West London, United Kingdom where I am based.

Current remuneration is £300 per day (for an 8 hour day).

Future remuneration (for full time role) - there is an opportunity to join the team as a full time member at which point we will pay competitive salary and we will also consider offering equity depending on how interested the candidate is to be remunerated that way.

Other Requirements

We require proven experience in web programming, ruby, the rails framework, javascript and Jquery.

We also need excellent English and we won’t consider candidates that do not have perfect spoken and written english.

Please get in touch if interested,



Nice to see UK startups getting innovation grants Carina :slight_smile:

Good luck with Truly!

Thanks AstonJ

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