Practice Code with Katas!


Found a clever answer some one gave for evaluating mathematical expression from a string:

`echo 'console.log(#{expression})' | node`.to_f

They executed an external command of node to eval the math. Haha! :slight_smile: I don’t think that can be avoided. Makes me wonder about security on the server if you can execute arbitrary code.

Haha!!! I found another one where the tests were few enough to get by with a random answers. (Not my solution)

def done_or_not(board)
  ["Finished!", "Try again!"].sample


@danielpclark, I believe you are a bit behind :smirk: I just got to 1337 honor (LEET!)


Haha! I’ve been watching your stats climb up. I have a trick up my sleeve that may help me overcome your stats. Of course one could say that you have too much free time on your hands that could be put to better use… like pair programming :wink:


Hahah. The truth is that I just recently quit my job, and now I’m doing half work half Codewars. :smirk_cat:


Ah. I feel like you’ve told me this before. That’s a lot of CodeWars!


I finally got around to creating a kata as well :smiley:

It’s quite easy, but my imagination isn’t that good right now :blush:


Check out the Advent of Code! One puzzle per day for 25 days. :smile:


Hahaha, I don’t need yet another page to train on. :wink: I’m almost in Top 100 on CodeWars. Without cheating!


That’s cool. Perhaps it will interest others as it is a holiday festive challenge. I’ve only passed two of those challenges so far.

First I must say what follows is not meant to be an attack, but speculation as to how things are… like thinking out loud.

I admit that I did use the term “cheating”. I don’t think that I should have. So I redact the term on what I did for the katas. Now my thoughts:

Depends on you definition of cheating and your inference which insinuates what I did was actually cheating. Every single solution I’ve solved was without Googling it. But as you have described to me; you follow standard developer practice of Googling implementations (solutions). That “feels” like cheating to me.

I wanted to think through how to solve everything for myself and the first 315 points were as the description had intended it to be solved, and the next 1000 points were how permissive Ruby and peoples lax testings allowed it to be solved.

Furthermore; according to the author of the sites cheating-forum he uses quotations on the word “cheat” to emphasize the “allegedness” of calling it that. And he states that in his opinion he’s not against it as it would further helping people learn more about Ruby. Many people on that thread feel the same way as any exploitation of the language leads to further understanding with those involved.

As to the Github issue raised because of my mass 1000 point spree there has been no consensus on action. I have volunteered away those 1000 points should the admin feel it necessary and given the dates of entries should he wish to purge the database of those entries.

So unless we have a consensus on the definition of cheating in terms of katas, as the site itself has not made a consensus on it, I would appreciate if you would not infer my actions as cheating.

I learned by thinking through, and then I learned by seeing the way different people solved the problems.

Some one asked me to explain how my solution worked and I went through every kind of Ruby thing I could teach from it. (solution discussion) So this is one proof of learning, and another one is from the issue raised on github where @g964 says

I must say that I was taught (laboriously:-) a bit more of Ruby in order to invalidate your “solutions”

So not only did I help many with it, but I got to wish them a Merry Christmas in a code comment :smile:

I care nothing for the points myself. I merely am hungry for knowledge and motivated by challenges. This excursion was one such challenge that piqued my interest.


I’m #100


I just found out each day has two challenges. For each level you complete it lights up the Christmas lights on the ASCII Christmans tree :slight_smile:


Yay! Finally the op do something about my points. Alright @Ohm, I’m ready to compete with you :wink:


@danielpclark you have a padawan!


Looking at the Kata the it was pretty much asking for it with the “1337” term. That was my first impression looking at it. :smile: I left the author of the kata a testing suggestion.


@danielpclark This kata was made for you!


Hadn’t seen before now, but Codewars added Crystal to one of their languages, that you can train in!


You can now put your code katas to use and get hired with as mentioned in this article: Wall Street’s Frantic Push to Hire Coders