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Hello AstonJ.

I created a JQuery library to add an “OpalBox”. I created it with educational purposes (for example, blog posts). The link to the library is: Opalbox-jquery by Angelmmiguel

I hope you enjoy.

Regards :wink:


Haha you beat me to it @angelrb… I was just about to start a thread called ‘Opal Tech’ where we list Opal related libraries :wink: I’ll add yours to that once I put it up :+1:

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Thanks @AstonJ :smile:

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I’ll plug a few things of mine


all the opal posts I’ve written

My rubyconf opal video


Ok added to this thread @angelrb @fkchang2000 ditched the idea of having two separate threads as it may get confusing.

I’ll add the blog posts later - if you can list them in order of introductory to more complex that would be a big help :slight_smile: I’ll add links to each one then rather than just one :wink:

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You should include lissio GitHub - meh/lissio: E vai col lissio! an opal component library

It has a few example apps

Also the demo app I used in my Rubyconf 2014 Jubilee Talk (Putting the fun into Funkworks: 6 Reasons Jubilee Could be a Rubyist's New Best Friend) http://bit.ly/rpsmayhem is runs opal on the front end. There is a bit of code in the preso and slides


Is the demo app a Lissio app @fkchang2000? If not I can create a new heading called demo apps and put it under there :slight_smile:

Ok Guys - done.

I’ve also made this thread a wiki - so anyone at trust level one can make changes. See this announcement for more info about Trust Levels: MetaRuby Trust Levels

It’s not. I have an app that is a lissio app that’s an internal tool we might open up to the public someday, but not yet

…ok added :slight_smile:

@AstonJ I think Lissio should go under frameworks instead of other libs

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…done :slight_smile:

Just now looking into trying out Opal. I found it odd that I couldn’t find some complicated setup guide. Then looking at: http://opalrb.org/docs/guides/0-8-stable/rails.html everything is done for you in new project generation with:

rails _4.2.4_ new ProjectName --javascript=opal

And I’m good to go! :smile_cat:

I’m impressed. And I haven’t even started coding yet.

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As I’m contemplating what goes where. I started to look at Opal code and think about the view/controller/assets layout. I didn’t think the controller would be a good place for Opal, so I looked online and found this blog: How to Introduce Opal Gently into a Legacy Rails App . Here he created his own app/front folder and organized it much like the current app directory. This makes sense.

Since Opal is still fairly young I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Rails and Opal tips, getting started, and best practices forum thread?

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Congratz with starting Opal - you’ll be amazed with it.

about Opal tips:
Yeah, Opal tips would be great.

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Sounds like a good idea @danielpclark - maybe start a thread here and @ some of the Opal guys for their input? Perhaps you could then blog about it from the ground up? I was going to suggest you blog about it anyway, an Opal series :wink:

Most of the core team are members here, @adambeynon @elia @meh @vais and many other contributors and bloggers like @fkchang2000 and @RickCarlino :slight_smile:

Just added:

Full-stack Ruby: build a realtime web app with React.rb and Opal - by RethinkDB



Opal-Phoenix - Opal wrapper for Phoenix Framework javascript library

I’ve made approach to wrapping React (simplified react.rb) with model layer (can be used separately)
link: link

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Added to Wiki :023: