Machine Learning

Anybody using this for anything in production? Would love to hear what problems you guys are solving with classifiers and machine learning in general.

I learned about it in Lorenzo Masini’s blog post about Machine Learning made simple.

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I’m not using this but I have some experience and interest in AI and machine learning since my college days (a looong time ago)…One of the most common uses of classifiers is for market basket analysis. This is when you visit Amazon (or other shopping sites) and you get the “You recently bought [item], you might also be interested in [other items within the same classification]”

The intelligence community uses classifiers to detect patterns in un-structured data, e.g. a bunch of emails with similar characteristics may be attributed to the same person.

Would love to do some work with such algorithms at some stage.


Not using it.

I’m very interested in this topic. I’ve started into the book “The Design & Analysis of Algorithms”. As my own project I’m transcribing the sudo code for algorithms into Ruby code on my own git repo. I have a couple of other books related to machine learning and AI as well. But I’d like to finish this book first.

A book that may interest you is titled “Machine Learning for Hackers”. It’s higher level machine learning.


Apple ramping up their ML team:

Apple is stepping up its efforts to recruit employees focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning, reports Reuters. The report suggests Apple is looking to challenge Google’s lead in features such as Google Now that learn to anticipate smartphone users’ needs, something Apple is starting to address in iOS 9 with its new “Proactive” feature.

As part of its push, the company is currently trying to hire at least 86 more employees with expertise in the branch of artificial intelligence known as machine learning, according to a recent analysis of Apple job postings. The company has also stepped up its courtship of machine-learning PhD’s, joining Google, Amazon, Facebook and others in a fierce contest, leading academics say.

I hate that ML (Machine Learning) and ML (Meta-Language, as in SML) has the same abbreviation. I got really happy for a very short amount of time. :blush:

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