Elm (Language)


You have a great video voice so I reckon you should definitely do an Elm course (and just like LearnElixir.tv imo) :023:

Maybe get yourself a Mic for Christmas? I’ve got one of these - they’re excellent http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blue-Microphones-Yeti-USB-Microphone/dp/B002VA464S/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450705733&sr=8-1&keywords=yeti


Thanks for the encouragement!

I’ll shop for mics :smile:

I also think I’m going to work out scripts for a couple of episodes… that seems like a reasonable next step.


Nice! I look forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

If a whole course is too much - casts are a great starting point too (I keep toying with the idea of doing casts myself - even got the branding done :icon_rolleyes: :lol:)


I’m actually noodling a pair of curriculums. An intro, for introducing the language and its parts. A “practical” for showing how to do “things” in elm (which would be more of a “casts” model).

Can’t decide which would be better.


Sounds good - maybe do the language basics that covers the language, then keep the ‘how to do this in Elm’ as another series or separate screencasts? That would let you do the second part as and when you need to (and also gives you some leeway to have some sort of recurring sub).


This is a good talk


I officially have Elm in production!


Awesome - let us know when you have anything we can look at :003:


This is pretty exciting. Makes it easier to run an Elm component in a node environment. You could run a UI-less worker as Elm. There’s also a use case mentioned in the discussion that this is one step closer to server side rendering of Elm templates.


Good news for Elm http://elm-lang.org/blog/new-adventures-for-elm


I’m super excited about what this will mean for Elm over the next few years. I’m now writing a little Elm, almost every day! :slight_smile:


Preview of their up-coming elm series:


What would you like to see in an introductory presentation on Elm?

I presenting this material to a development team in a couple weeks.

I want it to be part pitch, part useful overview. Consider the audience talented web developers with limited exposure to functional programming. Non-hostile.

I’ll probably recycle this material for one or more screencasts, too.


I’d definitely start with the basics. I’d include:

What is Elm?
What can you do with Elm?
What can’t you do with Elm?
Why use Elm?

Then start at beginning, explaining the language it is based on, the fundamentals etc then maybe show what you can do with it but importantly, how easy or better it is than the traditional way.


Sometime this week or next, I’ll open source my first Electron app written in Elm (fingers crossed). Then I should have more time to write about elm. In the meantime, here’s a slide from a presentation I’m working on.


Love it :043:

(The Matrix is one of my favourite films of all time!! :003:)

I look forward to seeing it @kofno


Nice to see a book coming from Manning:


Sooo… finally.

I’ve been working this a day or so a week for several months. It’s a companion app for our scouting software. I built it with electron and elm.


We released it open source and free for our users. Unfortunately, to use it, you need to be a subscriber (if you have a scout troop, you should be! :slight_smile: ). But you can still look at the code. And it would be easy enough to repurpose it for other sites.


Looks good Ryan!

I’d dim the colour of the icons and text (especially if text is always going to just be the file names) and highlight on hover state.

Also, remind me never to mess with you :lol:


Thanks for the feedback!

and I don’t expect you and I to have a problem that will require taekwondo to resolve (:slight_smile: )