Deploying Jekyll

I mentioned I would post this thread previously, so here it is :smile:

This is how I deploy my Jekyll site - it is SO easy!

Firstly create the public facing directory on your server as normal, then in your bash_profile add an alias that points to where your Jekyll site files are and where they need to go on your server:

alias upload_jek="rsync -avz -e 'ssh' /Users/Aston/Code/my_jekyll_site/_site/"

Then add this function in your bash_profile (obviously change paths to match your own):

pushjek() {
	cd /Users/Aston/Code/my_jekyll_site
	jekyll b

then simply run pushjek in terminal and it will only upload the changed files :smiley:

I use Github pages, which run on Jekyll, for my blog (

Deploying that is simply pushing to the Github repository. Super easy. And I don’t have to do any hosting myself.

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